Certification programs for students just like you

Certification classes for postgraduates by Parexel® Academy.

Postgrad students seeking clinical research careers

You’ve prepared for years and you’re ready to start working toward — or further — your clinical research career! Or, perhaps you didn’t always know this would be where your path would lead but you are here now. Either way, you’ve made a wonderful choice as the demand for graduates exceeds the supply.

You care about the safety and effectiveness of medicines and medical devices. You care about people, which is what justifies the unpredictability and long work hours of a typical clinical research career. Parexel® Academy cares, too, and we are anything but typical! We care immensely about our students and we make it a point to show it in everything we do. Learn more about our programs here and investigate further with our case studies.






Student Stories

We’ve heard the stories time and time again from our students. Parexel Academy’s fully online courses are exactly what postgrad students need. Many times, you’re seeking more responsibility in your career. Other times, it’s about having a larger earning potential. Regardless of the path that leads you here, clinical research offers great opportunities to advance your career.

A postgraduate certificate is exactly what can elevate your career, however, as full-time working professionals, many of our students have strict needs. Not only do they need remote learning as an option in order to be successful, but many need to be able to complete the work at their own pace as time allowed.

Turns out, our Virtual Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management course was the perfect solution for so many of our students. Get in touch to see if it’ll also be perfect for you!