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Sometimes, we all hit a wall in our professional lives where we feel like it’s time to change things up. You’re not alone. Maybe you’re a clinical research associate that wants to dive into data management, or perhaps you’re a clinical research nurse wanting to hone your skills in project management. No matter what your goal is, Parexel® Academy has the right resources to help you seamlessly transition to the next stage of your clinical research career.

We offer dozens of courses in a variety of languages that can help you learn the specialized skills you need to take the next big leap forward in your career. We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you — so what’re you waiting for? Learn more about our available courses or reach out for more information on our certifications.






Student Stories

Many of our students are already in clinical research with successful careers. 

Sometimes, you just need a change. Maybe your family life has changed, and you want to dedicate more time to your career. We all grow and experience new seasons in life. Maybe, instead of being a Medical Assistant, you now want to travel for work, and want to transition into being a Study Nurse. Luckily, our Foundations of Clinical Research for Study Nurses course can be completed in only five short days.

This certificate, like all Parexel Academy certificates, is recognized in the clinical research industry. Not only that, our courses offer valuable knowledge of the field that can be immediately applied in your professional life.

Don’t let your career grow stale. Take the next step with Parexel Academy.