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We help you get your staff certified and trained to run clinical trials.

Training for hospital and medical staff

Your staff is already running at max capacity. Finding time to get them certified to run clinical trials can feel overwhelming, not to mention the upkeep needed to stay current on new best practices and regulations. We’re the experts on staff training, and we’re here to help.

We’ve helped many hospitals, doctors offices, and medical sites get certified to run clinical trials. We work around your staff’s needs to put together a custom solution that works for you. Reach out to one of our Academy solutions experts today to discover just how easy it can be to get your staff trained to run trials.

Virtual or in-person

Our programs are designed for sites that would like to train their staff on best practices in clinical trials. In order to save travel costs for your employees, Parexel® Academy can host training online or in-person at a location of your choice.

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