Taiwan, a forerunner within Asia for global clinical trials. PAREXEL Academy in Taiwan, your partner.

PAREXEL Academy in Taiwan

Our operation was first established in Taiwan in 1999, and serves as one of our most important strategic hubs within the APAC region. Today, its operation have prospered to its current state of nearly 400 employees and is the largest global CRO in the country. In May 2014, PAREXEL Taiwan was named for the 2014 Best Performing CRO by the Foundation of Medical Professional Alliance in Taiwan (FMPAT) for its innovative drug development strategies and advocation of improving healthcare.

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Industry Status and Trends

Taiwan has been among the forerunners within Asia in terms of participating in global clinical trials, ranking second as the country with the most number of multinational clinical trials conducted. Its government has created several initiatives focused on developing its healthcare environment, such as approaches that include the replacement of local bridging study review requirements in 2000 with those of international standards.

Additionally, Taiwan has implemented routine inspections by Department of Health and Food and Drug Authority to ensure operations are compliant with GCP standards, and ensure regulatory reviewers receive training from FDA officials on best practices and procedures. These measures have all greatly contributed to Taiwan's status as one of the most favorable locations in which to conduct clinical trials.

Need for Clinical Trial Talent Development in Taiwan

Taiwan already possesses a sophisticated healthcare system and mature infrastructure. As such, Taiwan offers a wide range of well-trained practitioners who have gone through Western or Japanese education systems and produce quality work that is on par with international standards. The large talent pool, impressive medical research base, and reception of international commerce are some key factors that attract global pharmaceutical companies to invest in Taiwan.

With its impressive portfolio of seminars for healthcare professionals, PAREXEL Academy is supporting the development of clinical trial expertise in Taiwan. The Academy is also exploring opportunities for partnering with academic institutions to facilitate fast-stream graduate career opportunities.


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