Medical Considerations in Clinical Development


Medical departments play a pivotal role in both pharmaceutical companies and CROs and are of great value in clinical research and development. It is particularly important for decision-makers to understand the core role of medical departments in the clinical research process. Particularly, decision-makers should be able to provide timely support and assistance in protocol design, determining the roles and responsibilities with regard to medical monitoring, facilitating communication with key opinion leaders (KOLs), and finalizing clinical development strategy.

Workshop Objective

  • Understand the roles and values of the medical department as well as the timing for its participation in R&D
  • Learn how decision-makers influence the process during protocol design in specific therapeutic areas, such as solid tumors
  • Master the core medical considerations for decision-makers in judging the market value of a specific product

ワークショップ Outline

  • Core values of the medical affairs
    • Building protocol framework
    • Improving protocol design
    • Primary roles and responsibilities of medical monitoring
  • Key points in protocol design
    • Understand the core significance of protocol design
    • Learn the key functions of the medical department
  • Market trend and value analysis of specific products
    • Gain insights into the market prospect of potential products
    • Help analyze and steer research direction
プログラム| Global Clinical Development Strategy Workshop Series