Biopharmaceutical service providers

Gain a working knowledge of the complex clinical research industry.

Going above & beyond to serve your clients in a fast-paced industry.

Perhaps you are a tech provider for a biopharmaceutical company and you want to better understand their industry. Having a working knowledge of the complex clinical research industry could not only help enhance your service offerings to existing clients but also help you engage with prospective clients.

We offer courses to help you accomplish your goals! Choose from prepackaged or custom solutions.

How we help you keep up while staying put.

Our in-house seminars are designed for companies that would like to train their internal staff with project responsibility in clinical trials. To save travel costs for your employees the seminars can be held at the location of your choice.

Parexel® Academy can arrange these in-house seminars following either our standard seminar programs or tailored to your particular needs. From experience, we consider that the optimum length for this seminar is two to three days.

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