Biostatistics in Clinical Research

About the course

As a key discipline in drug development and clinical trials, biostatistics is not only involved in the processes of protocol design, data collection, and data analysis, but also plays a crucial role in developing strategy. Combining trial design, high-quality data, and thorough statistical analysis is key to a trial’s success.

This workshop will help learners understand the role and value of biostatistics, providing both a general overview, as well as best practices and statistical methodologies.

Workshop Objective

  • Understand the key role of biostatistics in clinical development planning and strategy
  • Learn the best practices of biostatistics in conducting clinical trials

Workshop Outline

  • Introduce the contribution from biostatistics in the drug development planning process
  • Analyze what prospective analysis and planning for dynamic adjustment of TPP/CDP
  • Understand statistical considerations in different clinical trial stages (e.g., safety, tolerance, effectiveness and quality of life evaluation)
Program | Global Clinical Development Strategy Workshop Series

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